Stakeholder dialogues enable enhanced communication

Brainstorming to boost a conference and to provide leverage & effect to the results

Fountain Park has developed a concept to provide conference organizers with a large, diverse and global virtual attendance in their event. This is attained through an online interface to a greater crowd of experts and general public eager to take part in preparations of the event, to contribute specific knowledge and willing to see and make use of the conference results in their own activities. A crowd much greater than that actually attending the event. Thus giving the event much more attendance and a longer life span than ever before.

Extended online participation in preparation

When the conference preparations begin, we go through the outline with the organizer. The main theme and target audience are extended to a much larger size by thinking who are the crowds interested in and willing to contribute to the theme, but not that likely to attend the actual event. In concert with the marketing of the actual event we immediately begin to contact the wider audience prompting with ideas, thus building a brainstorming around the most crucial questions. This discussion is used as a rich material for preparing the event program. Some typical uses include questions addressed in plenary and parallel sessions, working groups and Pecha Cuchas. Naturally, the contributors are regularly updated on the preparations and evolution of the themes.

Ways to attend without travelling

By the conference, the brainstorming crowd’s opinions are analyzed and priorities found. This is used to make choices about central themes that are broadcast from the conference on the web and throughout social media. Topic-specific blogs and streams are developed to be used by the conference attendees and the virtually attending group. During the conference, the dialogue with the material collected by the conference runs continuously on site and on the web.

Global implementation of the conference results and findings

When the dust settles in the conference venue after a couple of days of intensive work, the online presence of the conference results and findings heats up.
All the new questions raised and decisions made are discussed all around the world, between the people that have already taken part in the preparations and everyone just hearing about the event and willing to participate. Now the focus is shifting to putting the findings into practice. We discuss questions like: ”How will/could this affect your daily work/ your organization?”, ”What are the potential next steps in your network?”, ”Share your ideas and views!”. Immediately after the conference there is a vast crowd willing to put the results into practice and continue the dialogue.

Waiting for the next year’s event!

An example online right now: Global Cleantech Summit in Helsinki, September 2015.

Further information: Janne Jauhiainen, janne.jauhiainen(at)